Agron Saliu

Artist and Contemporary Painter


The Painter Agron Saliu belongs to the new generation of Contemporary Painters from Macedonia. He is an Academician Artist from the City of Tetovo, the home town of two Universities, State University of Tetova and SEE University. He finished Fine Arts Studies with Major in Paintings at the State University of Tetova, in the class of Prof. Ilirjan Beqiri.

Agron Saliu very quickly shaped his Artistic Genre as a Painter of Portraits in the Academia and also within the Artists Community around the World.

He was invited in many Personal Exhibitions in Paris, Berlin, Vienna, Sarajevo, Zagreb, Podgorica, Skopje, Tetova, Kichevo,.. and in collective Site Arts and Exhibitions together with different internationally renowned Artists.

Agron Saliu continues with his work toward new achievements and toward refining of his style.

Few of the Paintings presented here may help you to see some of the aspects of his great talent within this Genre of Art.

Exhibition Vienna 2015

Kunstraum Wien Mitte - 2015

Exhibition Vienna 2016

Palais Palffy Solo Exhibition

Exhibition Sarajevo 2015

Roman Petrovic Galery - 2015

Exhibition in Kumanovo 2015

Art Gallery Kumanovo 20.02.2015

Exhibition Zagreb 2015

"Novinarski Dom", 15.10.2015

Exhibition Paris 2013

Cite Internacionale de Arts, 26.03.2013